MSSQL Locks Average Wait Time is too high

Last days SCOM reported “SQL DB Average Wait Time is too high” monitoring tickets where the limit set to 250ms.

When I tried to check “SQL Server Locks counters” via PowerShell, I found extremely high value in “AverageWaitTimems” property.

How to find the “_PerfRawData_MSSQL_Locks” object:

Get-WmiObject -List | ?{$_.Name -like "*PerfRawData_MSSQL*Locks"} | Select Name


Get actual “AverageWaitTimems” property:

Get-WmiObject Win32_PerfRawData_MSSQLInstanceNameLocks | ?{$_.Name -like "_Total"} | Select Name, AverageWaitTimems | Format-Table -AutoSize


If you check the community addition below the page you’ll see a post how you should calculate the the real value from raw data. Please check “PERF_AVERAGE_BULK” section in the “Interpreting the counter values from sys.dm_os_performance_counters” to see how it works really. You can find here others as “Buffer cache hit ratio, Transactions, Total pages”.

Example to calculate the real value:

Get-WmiObject Win32_PerfRawData_MSSQLInstanceNameLocks | ?{$_.Name -like "_Total
"} | Select Name, AverageWaitTimems, AverageWaitTimems_Base | Format-Table -AutoSize

Sample 1


Sample 2


Calculated data:



You can check it via “CookedValue” based on the MSSQL$INSTANCE:Locks(_Total)\Average Wait Time (ms) counter.

Get-Counter -Counter '\MSSQL$INSTANCE:Locks(_Total)\Average Wait Time (ms)'

How to find counter to the “_PerfRawData_MSSQL_Loks” object:

Get-Counter -ListSet * | ?{$_.CountersetName -like "*MSSQL*Locks*"} | Select -expand Paths


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